Confiscated Packages

Please note that we do not take responsibility for confiscated orders. All orders are packaged in plain anonymous packaging, however, due to strict regulations in some countries, we can not guarantee that customs will not confiscate your order. If you are unsure, check your national laws. You personally take full responsibility for the products you purchase from Bit Weed Seed Shop. Importing cannabis seeds can be illegal in some countries,Bit Weed Seed Shop accepts no responsibility as to verifying the legitimacy of the order before accepting it. We will not reimburse you should any products be kept or destroyed by authorities. All customers are provided with a tracking number and Bit Weed Seed Shop will accept no responsibility for packages once the tracking information shows that it has been passed on to your local delivery service. Bit Weed Seed Shop can and will only take responsibility for your order up to the point where it leaves the United Kingdom. Orders that fail to reach this point will be re-sent or refunded depending on the customer’s wish.

Returned Packages

Packages that have been returned to us due to a failed delivery will be re-sent upon the payment of a new shipping charge, this new charge will exclude the price paid for stealth delivery and so will be £4 for the UK, £8 for Europe and £12 for the rest of the world. If the package is returned to us twice, Bit Weed Seed Shop reserves the right to charge a £30 re-packing fee for the extra time taken in dealing with your order. This will be waived if Bit Weed Seed Shop is in any way responsible for the failed delivery.

On-Site Errors

Please note that Bit Weed Seed Shop reserves the right to cancel any order up until the point where the items are shipped for any reason. Any cancelled orders will be refunded to the customer.

Out of Stock Items

Bit Weed Seed Shop goes to great lengths to ensure that our stock levels are up to date. However, with such a large amount of different products from different suppliers we may be out of stock of a particular item from time to time. Should this occur, you will be emailed straight away and offered three choices:

1.) A full refund for your entire order
2.) A refund of only your out of stock items and the rest will be sent out
3.) The choice of picking any other similarly priced items.

Should Bit Weed Seed Shop not receive a response to these choices within 72 hours of our email we reserve the right to refund your out of stock items and send out the rest of your order. If we are unable to contact a customer who has paid us through a non-refundable payment option we reserve the right to send out a similar replacement to the out of stock items.


Please note that all customers have 14 days to inform Bit Weed Seed Shop of their intention to return the goods to us. The customer then has another 14 days in which to return the goods back to us. Bit Weed Seed Shop will accept all refunds for items sent back to us within this timeframe. The items must be in the same state we sent them out in and the customer will be expected, in the case of returns due to customer error, to pay for the shipping back to us. Customers who do return products will be given the choice of a full refund or a full refund in store credit, whichever they prefer and this refund shall take no longer than 7 working days, (usually immediate). All of Bit Weed Seed Shop’s customers have the right to cancel their order any time up to the point where we have dispatched your order. Cancelled orders shall be refunded either in store credit or in cash, whichever the customer prefers.